Dating customs elizabethan era

06-Jun-2020 14:38

They could not afford to have their portraits painted nor to preserve their humble homes for future generations.

Historians agree, though, that daily life for the majority of Elizabethans had little to do with courtly life, and much to do with working hard to earn a meager living.

The population rose significantly during her reign, to about 4.1 million.Many people lived in the countryside, but in the sixteenth century the town population grew at a greater rate.Prior to Elizabethan times, only about 5 percent of the population lived in cities and towns, but during her reign, about 15 percent of the rapidly growing population had become urban.During Elizabeth's reign, as never before, it was possible for city merchants to become extremely wealthy and rise in social status.

England's capital and largest city, London, underwent remarkable changes, growing to about two hundred thousand people during Elizabeth's reign.England had developed a huge and highly profitable cloth-making industry.