Dating death spouse

19-Jun-2020 13:37

It was helpful for friends, family, and associates to be patient while the widower worked through his grief and not expect the grief to be resolved in a finite period of time.

Some widowers asked for physical and emotional assistance.

The widower's grieving left him little energy to do this.

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They became involved in family work, spent more time with children individually and in a group, and performed housework, home remodeling, meal preparation, and child care for dependent children.

Although I had some good male friends, I just didn't feel like I could go over and say, "Let's have a piece of cake and a good cry." It is hard to go to someone's house and say "I really need to talk about the death of my wife." You know, guys just don't do that.

So, I ended up working out a lot of things on my own.

One widower expressed that he was too distressed to take on his children's grief as well as his own.

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Participants reported some measures that were helpful to them in dealing with their grief.Participants indicated that their faith had been strengthened throughout the coping period by the love they felt from family, friends, other church members, and a supreme being.