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- Live Salt Lake City 1989Take My Time - Live Salt Lake City 1989Take No Prisoners - Live Minneapolis 1987Scotty - Live Minneapolis 1987Distractions - Live Tacoma, WA 1987Rope (Not A Love Song) - Live Tacoma, WA 1987In A Death Bed - Live Tacoma, WA 1987Dropping Like Flies - Live Berkley CA 1990'M' Is For Martha - Live Berkley CA 1990Barracuda - Live Berkley CA 1990Halo of Flies (A Deadly Blessing) - Live Salt Lake City 1989She's The Killer - Live Houston 1989The Corpse Walks - Live Seattle 1990Corpse / Pounding (Unreleased) - Live Salt Lake City 1989Autopsy - Live Seattle 1989Wrong Side of the Grave - Live Tacoma, WA 1987Deception - Live Portland, OR 1988Buried Alive - Live Portland, OR 1988Our Way - Live Montreal 1987Boris The Spider - Live Seattle 1990The Right - Live Seattle 1990Psychomania (She's Dead) - Live Tacoma, WA 1987Bullet Ridden Bodies - Live Riverside, CA 1987 Tapping The Vein - Live Salt Lake City 1989Brutality & Corruption - Live Salt Lake City 1989Fucking For Bucks - Live Seattle 1990Halo of Flies (A Deadly Blessing) Live Seattle 1990AC/DC WITH BON SCOTT, LIVE IN LONDON, OCTOBER 29, 1977, PRO-SHOT, A (also on this disc Live Skull , Cincinnati, OH, late 1986, 50-minutes, A-)AEROSMITH 2 FULL SHOWS FROM 1977 (HOUSTON, TX) & 1978 (TEXAS JAM). Pro-shot, 61 minutes, A- Pro-shot, 40 minutes, A AND ALSO THE TREES The Comet, Hartford, CT, March 9, 1991, audience, picture wavy in middle so C /B-, PLUS Botanique, Brussels, Belgium, November 24, 1991 total time = 2.5 hours, from audience but good quality, B /A- The Comet 1991 Set list: 1. Joey Demento AMERICAN BANDSTAND - JNEW YEAR'S DAY 1983 Original broadcast show from January 1st, 1983with Adam Ant (performs "Goody Two Shoes"). Full episode including all of the original commercials from 1983.

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Perfect World THE BLAZERS [60's SURF BAND]: "BLUE SURF-ARI"RARE 1967 SURF FILM IN WHICH THE BLAZERS PERFORM,"This is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life" Tour Set list: Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow) The Friend Catcher Release the Bats Junkyard Kiss Me Black 6" Gold Blade Dead Joe (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn She's Hit Big-Jesus-Trash-Can Fun House (Iggy and The Stooges cover)BJORK: BOTH OF BELOW ON ONE DISC: [PAL only]MTV UNPLUGGED 19941): HUMAN BEHAVIOUR2): ONE DAY3): COME TO ME4): BIG TIME SENSUALITY5): AEROPLANE6): LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE7): CRYING8): ANCHOR SONG9): VIOLENTLY HAPPY &BJORK: MTV LIVE (HOMOGENIC TOUR 1998)1): YOU'VE BEEN FLIRTING AGAIN2): ISOBEL3): HUMAN BEHAVIOUR4): BACHELORETTE5): JOGA 6): PLUTOBLACK FLAG / 45 GRAVE / VENOM2 full shows from Black Flag (Mike Muirs house, Venice, CA 1983, 14 minutes, A- AND at The Stone, San Francisco 1984, 80-minutes, A-), PLUS 45 GRAVE Huntington Beach 1981, 43 minutes, A-, PLUSVenom live at the Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 2002, 52 minutes, A.

Louis, MO, audience, 43 min., A 17 minutes of Dayglo Abortions from St. The Missing Deity Supernaut (Black Sabbath cover) Just One Fix Thieves So What Stigmata Hero about the dangers of teen drinking, classic!