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However, after a wayward telephone call, Zack's mother finds out that Zack is doing something ... Belding (who is the school Principal) is inexplicably teaching the Photography class.

There should be a substitute teacher (or the regular teacher) teaching the class and not the Principal who presumably has other things he should be doing.

In order to go on a ski trip, Zack and Slater trick Mr. Zack agrees to produce Bayside's video yearbook, but betrays everyone's trust by creating a dating tape using footage of female students in order to make enough money to buy a car.

When the others see the dating tape, they plot revenge.

Consequently, Zack asks Screech to make fake ID's for Jessie and Lisa so that they may go to The Attic to catch Jeff in the act.

Despite Kelly's woes, Zack hits it off with Danielle.

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However, the close working conditions mean Zack and Lisa grow close, leaving Screech brokenhearted and bitter.

The gang forgets Screech's birthday and decide to throw him a surprise party in Mr. However, after being made Hall Monitor, Screech gets his revenge by sending them to detention, jeopardizing the party.