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In the case of the Google Books Ngram Viewer, the text to be analyzed comes from the vast number of books in the public domain that Google scanned to populate its Google Books search engine.

For Google Books Ngram Viewer, Google refers to the body of text you are going to search as the Google Books Ngram Viewer outputs a graph that represents the use of a particular phrase in books through time.

If you don't have a person's name as the author, but do have the name of an organization or corporation, put that organization/corporation's name as the author.

Anonymous If and only if an item is signed as being created by Anonymous, use "Anonymous" where you'd normally put the author's name.

When a book has one to seven authors or editors, all authors' names are cited in the Reference List entry. Rules are different for in-text citations; please see the examples provided. Publication City, Province, State or Country: Publisher Name often shortened.

By setting the smoothing to 0, you can see that this is precisely the case.The spike centers on 1869, and there's another spike in 18.It's unlikely that nobody talked about vinegar pies the rest of the time: There were probably recipes floating all over the place, but people didn't write about them in books, and that's an important limitation of Ngram searches.They hearken back to times when not everyone had access to fresh produce at all times of the year but is that the whole story?

and you'll encounter some mentions of the pie in both the early and late 1800s, a lot of mentions in the 1940s, and an increasing number of mentions in recent times.Optionally get individual users' library collections and public reviews.