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25-Dec-2019 14:38

Watching D-Liberal named Ford trying to make himself appear so Conservative, while R-Liberal named Corker tries to make it appear he’s more Conservative than he actually is. But let the Liberals tell it and they’ll say the ad is racist. He feels showing a White Playboy bunny that wants to get with Ford is somehow playing on race.Corker will prove to be more Liberal than his claims, assuming he wins the election, although he’s still better than Ford. Ironically one of the people making such claims is William Cohen, former Clinton cabinet member, who is also a former Republican U. I don’t see why a White woman would be excluded from the role and hearing it from Cohen is doubly insane.The commentator mentioned Ford is giving out cards with his name on the front and the 10 commandments on the back. Ford mentioned “mansion” because he knows he’s attended a Playboy party, just never one at the Playboy mansion.What politician trying to pose as a Conservative would dare be seen at the Playboy mansion?He could have even worked it into his church image, but saying he confessed the sin to the Lord.

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If he’s a true Christian, he should have no problem with others in the faith calling him to correction.Either Cohen has some issues with White women dating outside of their race or it’s just a cheap political shot. Ford and the Lord Ford is running an ad that shows him in the church he grew up in.I have no problem with a candidate walking the pews in an ad.Well you would think one posing as a Conservative would never attend a Playboy party either, but Ford used some fancy words to try and fool everyone.

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Speaking of “fancy” the Fancy Ford site that is run by the GOP used to have a picture of Ford with some White woman, that has been removed. Amazing, so now showing an interracial pic is racist.Nobody is trying to condemn him to hell, death or prison.