Dating games kitten 4

03-Sep-2020 00:53

Simplicity is another part of its secret—you just set out treats and toys in your yard, then check back later to see which kitties have shown up to enjoy them.

You can snap photos to share with friends and discuss exactly how to tempt all 48 felines into making an appearance.

While I was on a “date” at the Chinese restaurant (more specifically the ‘restaurant’ is called “Peking Tom’s”) I payed to have a description for the “Gou Rou Guo” dish.

When I payed for the description the ‘waiter’ said and I quote, “It’s a lovely meaty stew! well it’s dog meat actually...” This was SO irritating and disappointing.

But you can only put two of those out at the same time.

What if you made different rooms in the house, like a bathroom, upstairs, downstairs, etc., and made the yard larger.

It’s no wonder this charming game became an Internet sensation.

One of the game’s features is paying coins to have a description of a specific dish on the menu.* Send them on dates to a variety of exotic restaurants!* Coach them through awkward conversations and dating dilemmas!* Unlock extra date venues, and exciting upgrades like the salon and gift shop!

* Connect with Facebook to compete with your friends and send them on dates! - When the Kitty Powers’ Love Life couple upload limit has been reached, a menu appears showing all existing codes instead of an error message.

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