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28-Oct-2020 11:26

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The equation has yet to be fully developed, or solved.[4] As in the above note, life is always real, but I’m using the word to indicate long-term circumstances that go beyond two years.Cheers to them for staying together for nearly 28 years. [9] Specifically, the difficulties within intercultural relationships, which intrigue me a great deal.[10] Courage akin to the one that helps you complete two years of Peace Corps service.Or, maybe not, considering that most PCVs end up isolated in some small village in some foreign country.

It’s hard to sum up the experience in a succinct, one sentence answer, but for anyone who asks: “It was both fantastic and really, really, tough.” Most people get the obvious challenges — Malagasy work ethic was more laid-back than in America and sometimes presented problems.Mix that with romantic drama and it can be really exciting, or turbulent…depending on each situation. The countless conversations I’ve had about love/significant others must be some of the most ordinary conversations I’ve had throughout this extraordinary experience.(At least, infinitely more ordinary than attempting to find a mathematical equation for happiness using cheese as a variable[3].After 2, or 3 years max, the dream ends and we continue our long-term “real”[4] lives. Some people involved with an HCN, will choose to stay in their country-of-service.

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I even know people who are the offspring of these types of relationships[5]—so, these do work.Peace Corps relationships don’t have the luxury of time and space “to see how they go,” they get intense as soon as there is talk of someone moving half-way around the world. It’s not a romantic tale filled with foreign excursions and chance meetings[6]—it’s the tale of how most people fall in love: locally, and with people very similar to themselves.

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