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23-Jan-2020 10:26

To learn more about social class and why it matters, check out the fascinating study of how power and privilege are transmitted to the wealthy through elite boarding schools, titled "Preparing for Power: America's Elite Boarding Schools," a book published in 1985 by American sociologists Peter W.

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Class, economic class, socio-economic class, social class. Each refers to how people are sorted into hierarchies in society: but there are, in fact, important differences among them.

Economic class refers specifically to how one ranks relative to others in terms of income and wealth.

So why does class, however you want to name it or slice it, matter?

It matters to sociologists because the fact that it exists reflects unequal access to rights, resources, and power in society—what we call social stratification.

Class had shaped each spouse so much that the people I interviewed had more in common with strangers who shared their class background than with their husbands and wives. People who grew up in households without much money, predictability, or power, learn strategies to deal with the unexpected events that crop up in their lives.Often, these strategies are variations of going with the flow and taking things as they come. Isabelle, for example, is the daughter of a farmer and a bartender.(All the survey participants have been given pseudonyms.) Her family did not know how much money each year’s crops or tips would bring in.Simply put, we are sorted into groups by how much money we have.

These groups are commonly understood as lower, middle, and upper class. From fairy tales to adult films, we are exposed to a repeated idea: that love, or at least lust, crosses class lines. Not surprisingly, their relationships had little in common with the romances we see in the movies.

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