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The ones who don't say anything to counter and are complicit in their PR's denial are the worst though. Which is interesting, considering that when Matt first arrived in LA from Georgia, industry folks said his close circle friends was mostly gay/bi guys. She's not in the industry, and yet she follows him to EVERY industry thing he goes to (even the ones that no one else brings their spouse/bf/gf) to..these network upfronts they're going to NYC for. That Christian cabel they have constructed full of fundies works because they all pass around and gang bang a Mr.Luke Evans must be the all time worst, Cavill clearly uncomfortable with it to his credit. I've seen the pics, but that person got rid of them from their old flickr account. Interesting that now his circle is all the major Christian Hollywood types... Usually that's just for the actors to shmoose and promote. Robert Buckley who is too Queer for even the most gifted PR/studio exec to spin anywhere. They're all such pretty boys, totally evangelical (possibly fundie) types, all with their gfs/wives.Everything is about - "the love of my life", " the best thing that ever happened to me", "hottest guy in hollywood", "Man in Christ" , etc. Some men are ashamed of being gay even when they have no reason to be. yet it's because of society and assholes like yourself that people don't have the guts to come out. We have all the reasons to think so, there's been a lot of rumors surrounding him for years, including the Dudetube pics and his model show all those years ago. #blessed @angelastacy Jxnxlfj/Love my husband!! ❤ @Matt Lanter: Woke up this morning with an ocean view and a new bride. The gangs headed over in a little bit to help Matt and his new bride consummate their special marriage.Like this recent tweet -" NYC bound with the hottest guy I've ever laid eyes on @mattlanter instagram(.)com(/)p(/)ZVw Ozapcwg(/) "Look, I know people are proud about their significant others... Don't you fucking dare come here on a gay website and preach your small mindedness to us. #blessed @angelastacy Jxnxlfj/R65 Do you understand how utterly fucking stupid you sound? We have a beautiful ocean view."That girl isn't famous.

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He messed up and he realises what happened, so the first good chunk of the season we're going to see him try to find a way to rectify the situation. For some reason, Jen keeps coming around and making things tough.

There is a lot more that could be stated here, but again, that was all discussed in the last thread.[quote] quite a few folks on various message boards who supposedly worked in the industry alluded to him not being straight You'll forgive me if I find that less than compelling. And I don't think saying he is gay is a sign of dislike.

If the photos were a real screencap where did the logos come from?

At least he didn't get a beard, and he most often (I know the infamous "I like country girls" interview, but still,) doesn't talk about girls, or boys for that matter. He's in the glass closet, while Matt Lanter is a closet case fundie, caving in from the pressure from his fundie family.

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They're not doing anyone else any favours but at least they aren't lying. The guy is a D list actor, I'll admit that I've watched the new 90210 before, not very good though."Matty is most assuredly homoflexible. They're good because he could be that solid base for her and she can bring him out of that bubble." At this point, Naomi still believes that Liam slept with Annie. "Right now, she's hurt, so revenge isn't part of her plan. He's changed a lot - he went to boot camp over summer and he learns to channel some of his aggression and you're gonna see how exactly that plays out." Are we going to explore his family? We've got his mum coming in and we also meet his step-dad in season two - who sent him off to boot camp - and we get to see his home life. When I first came on, we were hearing rumblings about that, but it's been a while since I've heard that.

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