Dating on a shoestring budget

24-Jun-2020 07:31

Between our busy schedules, tight budget and lack of babysitters, it was just incredibly hard to do with any sort of consistency.Often it would go months between dates and we were doing well if we got 3 or 4 in each year.Mobile and online banking is good for you busy singles on the go.It means you can know exactly what you’ve got available and what bills have gone out without having to wait for your statement to arrive.) It also means that all your important costs are paid first leaving you with more control over your monthly spending. However, it’s possible to make a good impression on a date without having to blow your budget.Our Frugal Wooing article will tell you ten simple tricks to keep the costs of dating down (it was written for Valentine’s Day but the ideas work all year round).Whether it’s being savvy with your bills or finding cheap ways to keep entertained, our handy hints will mean living on a budget doesn’t have to be a financial burden!Being single and skint doesn’t mean you have to stop what you enjoy doing.

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If you’re not saving money after a year they’ll let you return to a fixed bill, so you can’t lose! For example; you can still give to charity without a direct debit.

Review your list after a few days and delete anything if you change your mind.