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And to Demosthenes Kazanas’ 1980 paper Dynamics of the universe and spontaneous symmetry breaking.

There’s more on Philip Cole’s blog entry the early stages of cosmic inflation where you can also see John Peacock saying the first inflation paper was by Erast Gliner in 1965.

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It’s been around now for the thick end of forty years. By 1980 a lot of cosmologists were happy that the universe was expanding, and that it wasn’t a steady-state universe.

It’s by Stuart Clark, who says Alexei Starobinsky published his theory of inflation in December 1979.

Starobinsky’s paper was Spectrum of relict gravitational radiation and the early state of the universe.

Then he said the horizon problem and the flatness problem could disappear Later on he said the assumption of a homogeneous isotropic universe means it would be senseless to talk about solving the horizon problem, because homogeneity was assumed at the outset.

He also talked about grand unified models which tend to provide phase transitions which could lead to an inflationary scenario, and which include monopoles in their particle spectrum.

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