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24-Sep-2020 23:45

Little Portugal is predominantly a residential area.The largest ethnic group are Portuguese and numbers of Portuguese storefronts are located along College and Dundas Streets, giving the area its name. A major hub of activity in the area today is Mc Cormick Park, home to Mc Cormick Recreation Centre and Arena on Brock Avenue.Are you seeking a partner who shares your passion for life in Toronto?Online dating with a company who takes love seriously is your best way forward.) If you're planning an evening date, The One Eighty is hard to top.Situated on the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre, this is the sort of place where you come for the jaw dropping view and stay for the mouth- watering menu and cocktail selection.Little Portugal (also known as Portugal Village (Portuguese: Pequeno Portugal / aldeia Portugal) is a neighbourhood and ethnic enclave in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.It is located west of downtown in the "Old" City of Toronto.

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The area is mainly residential, with Portuguese businesses along Dundas Street West and College Street.

In fact, a whopping 49.4% of residents over 15 claimed to be single on the 2016 census – that's a lot of people!

However, it's one thing to know that there are single men and single women out there in Toronto.

Keep an eye out for special events like November's Cavalcade of Lights too: it might be a little cheesy, but there's something about ice and fireworks that just feels .

Another tried-and-tested Toronto dating idea is to head to a Leafs game.

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