Dating reality show with a twist Chatrooms for married adults

11-Dec-2019 08:45

After it had been off the air for 10 years, Netflix announced in January that it would revive the show.

What started as a series of five-minute bits on Pride Vision would spawn multiple reality series on Out TV and Here TV, following the gay buddy team of Chris Carter and John Simpson taking on everything from National Coming Out Day to special summer camps.

The Emmy-winning show inspired numerous spin-offs and introduced the world to Carson Kressley.

More important, it mainstreamed the concept of queer men as valuable experts in society.

Paul Mortimer, head of digital channels, said: "Hot on the heels of Love Island, we're thrilled to be partnering with Keshet on this unique series.

The show would spend one season in Manhattan and a second in Nashville, along the way exploring such topics as surrogacy, maintaining spirituality while religious figures attack your sexuality, and the frustrations of finding a state where you can host a same-sex wedding circa 2010.

debuted its entirely LGBT cast in 2010, and while it certainly could peddle in stereotype, the Logo series also proved that gay identity could carry a show and bring viewers to their sets.

The original series would go two seasons and inspire a single season of The first dating show on American television to have contestants woo a trans star, this Logo TV show followed suitors as they tried to win actress and writer Calpernia Addams.

The show would then introduce 16 female suitors vying for Tequila’s affection as well.

The show would end up inspiring spin-offs and a second season.

Hosted by out comedian Alec Mapa and featuring Addams’s friends from within the trans community, the 2008 show broke ground for acknowledging the romantic lives of trans people.