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24-Nov-2019 16:38

It’s extremely unpopular these days to have gendered events, and people always laugh at the old days, when men used to retire to the parlor after dinner to smoke cigars and play cards and talk about man stuff, and women would be left to (presumably) gossip with their female friends.But unless you’re actually genuinely into your partner’s boys/girls night, it’s not such a bad idea to let them shoot the breeze without getting in the way with all your eye-rolling and watch-checking.By the time you’re a year in, all he’s ever seen you in is your old T-shirt and sweatpants.It’s not about how you look; your man will think you’re beautiful whether you’ve got makeup or not.

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This makes women feel like they’ve gone from being the beautiful woman at the bar to an old sack of potatoes in your pantry, which is a problem, especially since feeling neglected is the number one reason women cheat.

There’s been a lot written about the demise of the family meal in the last few years.