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23-Apr-2020 07:33

I needed to put that reliance in someone else - in something else - in a higher power. That's the reason for the dating sabbatical decision.

I need to rely on the Lord, and become a strong independent person with Him, before I will be any good for anyone else.

What's funny - is once you decide to not worry about something - "options" pop up. At any rate, I went to my singles ward today - and because of my "sabbatical" I've not been "scoping out the options" cause I really don't care. Now, as a general rule I don't play ward volleyball because I am a volleyball snob and ward volleyball is.....

As of last week I decided I was on a "dating sabbatical" by the way. Somehow making my "non-dating" voluntary seems less pathetic. Jack involved - the dating sabbatical may have a few stipulations. Jack stipulations :) Also - for FHE tomorrow we're playing some Ward volleyball - which means volleyball playing fellas (maybe). Jack rules definitely apply volleyball fellas. Having a little crush is harmless, and to be honest, feels refreshing. And who knows, perhaps it will help me get out of my dating sabbatical earlier than planned.

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Clearly, this advice and your own state of mind dictates if this applies to you.

But how do you know when it’s the right moment for you to take an online dating sabbatical? Time management is getting the best of you A busy job, doing the household, keeping track of your kids and meanwhile still maintain a healthy social life on itself can be a challenge to people.