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The Ottoman Turks break into Europe and the Serbian domain of Macedonia clashing with the Christian League led by Vukašin Mrnjavčević in the Battle of Maritsa in the region of Thrace. The Serbian army defeats the Ottomans in the Battle of Bileca.

From this the Ottomans learned how to fight against heavy cavalry.

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Višeslav of Serbia, was the first Serbian ruler known by name, who ruled as the Prince of the Serbs in c. The polity is known in historiography as the Serbian Principality. Radoslav of Serbia, was a Serbian Prince (Knez, Archont) who ruled over the Serbs from 800 to 822, he succeeded his father Višeslav who united the Serbian tribes, resulting in the formation of Raška (Rascia, modern Serbia) in the 8th century.[ His son Prosigoj succeeded him in ca.His title was Ruler of Tribals and Serbs and ruled most of today's Montenegro and Dalmatia.His son Konstantin Bodin asserts the throne of Second Bulgarian Empire and annexes large parts of Bulgaria to the Serbian realm Byzantine rule is imposed upon Raška; Serbia becomes a thema (region) directly subjugated to Constantinople.Exiled by his fathers opponents he settles in Ras, Raška.

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He is the founder of the most powerful royal house of Medieval Serbia: the Nemanjić dynasty.

Prince Časlav Klonimirović-Vlastimirović liberates Raška from the Bulgarians in 927 AD.

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