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Rather than trying to invalidate or discredit another point of view or the person holding it, a response that can be more productive is to simply acknowledge the other’s perspective, even it is spoken as a fact rather than an opinion, and resisting the temptation to “win” the argument.

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We often write about the virtues and qualities that promote healthy and mutually-fulfilling relationships, such as generosity, respect, commitment, and compassion, to name a few in the top ten.

This frustration can over time deteriorate into feelings of resignation or worse, despair.

If these feelings continue, the prospects for restoring well-being to the relationship are slim to none.

Stating “I understand that that is your point of view, and I appreciate your sharing it with me,” can be a good starting place.

Adding the question, “Are you interested in hearing about how I see it?It is a commonly held belief that if you don’t contest or disagree with another perspective that you are implicitly agreeing with it. Not arguing or trying to invalidate another’s point of view with your own does not constitute agreement.

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