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10-Aug-2020 13:26

When I was in college, a male friend of mine told me a story: A guy he knew was about to hook up with a girl in his dorm room. We blithely step over puddles of puke on Sunday mornings.

The moment she took her shirt off, like some kind of Tourette's, he blurted out: "IDON'TWANTANYTHINGSERIOUS! We ignore drunk girls teetering on platform heels and crying into their cell phones outside of bars. I will have sex with you, if you're desperate for it and do all of the seduction work, he is implying, but don't expect rapidly-returned text messages or any sense of responsibility from my end whatsoever. It's as if he assumes that you have visions of a white picket fence, a shared bank account and your shared gross, nose-picking kid in your head already. You continue to carry on a normal conversation as if this didn't just knock you sideways. What you've just experienced is the newest accepted phenomenon in modern twenty-something dating: The disclaimer.

The information provided in or through my Website pertaining to your health or wellness, exercise, relationships, business / career choices, finances, or any other aspect of your life is not intended to be a substitute for the professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by your own Medical Provider or Mental Health Provider.

You agree and acknowledge that I am not providing medical advice, mental health advice, or religious advice in any way.

Needless to say, to actually sit face-to-face with some relative stranger who asked for your number at a party last week and make idle conversation about the book you just read, with a minimum one-hour requirement to spend with them even if they turn out to be horrible, is hell for some of us. ), The Early-Onset Disclaimer has probably happened to you more than once. You've just barely just gotten your tapas, are nowhere near as drunk on Pinot as you need to be to feel less horribly awkward and self-conscious, and before you even talk about your siblings or where you went to school, the guy you're out on the date with is telling you he wants to break up. Like, eventually." "Just so you know, I'm a ghost." And then he floats away. (Perhaps there's an undiscovered piece of parchment buried somewhere in Straford-Upon-Avon upon which Romeo warns Juliet during the Capulet Ball in Act I that he "hath goodly work at a start-up.") However, it's only in recent years that the disclaimer has become par for the course, and acceptable—expected, even—to throw at a potential romantic partner as early as possible, regardless of whether or not the recipient of the disclaimer has actually said whether or not she's even looking for something serious.

As if dating isn't difficult enough for women, these days, for whatever reason – maybe it's TV?

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" Though I wouldn't say that that's likely." So the verdict: If you're unfortunate enough to be handed one of these irritating disclaimers, take it at face value.

If you like spending time with him, or at least definitely want to have sex with him, carry on!

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