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26-Sep-2019 00:02

However, I can see where being outside of a relationship and finding your independence again is equally as good.

As I mentioned earlier, I think finding your worth, going through life experiences, and figuring out your strong and weak points in a relationship are equally as important.

I have found that more sexual individuals need to be with other sexual individuals.

If you’re really adamant about a certain sexual preference, make it known.

It isn’t someone’s responsibility to be what you want them to be.

Sex should be easy and exciting, and too many rules and regulations can swiftly steer a relationship toward treacherous waters.

When gay guys are blindly figuring things out as they go, I feel it’s quite the slippery slope, and the relationship’s foundation starts to feel faulty.

Communication is the actual glue to all relationships.I think a lot of gay men like the idea of a relationship, but not the actuality of a relationship.Most gay men who are ready for a relationship have been through the dating and relationship gambit for a while and start picking themselves apart in a good way: what they can’t and what they can offer to a partnership.Let’s identify seven of those key qualities that can cause someone to fall out of love.

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You haven’t been single long enough to know your own value.There is no right or wrong answer, but to assume someone is like you is where things can start to fall apart.

Well, brace yourself for revenge of the nerds, because this soft-spoken loner is smart, sincere and will genuinely be nice to you.… continue reading »

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It’s a win-win situation for both of you: keeping things fresh makes the relationship more fulfilling for you, too…and keeps the passion alive for the long-term.… continue reading »

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When graduate student Julie Smith (Jessie Andrews) decides to uncover the naughty secrets of online dating for her thesis, she gets some happy and sexy surprises.… continue reading »

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(April Fools) So I'm at the dungeon level, but the sexy Orc lady Rimjobina wants me to open the Doomy Treasure chest of Doom and it kills me everything. This will help you with a lot of her more obscure questions. … continue reading »

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