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23-Mar-2020 11:58

You slowly pull the razor away, lean in closer to the mirror. No..yet...a few seconds pass that feel like an eternity..the cut turns red.

You then proceed to hold a sacrificial towl up to your face for the rest of the day.

It wont dry your skin out and helps clean the skin.

I highly recommend dollar shave clubs Shave Butter.

It works great, it's clear so you can see what you're doing, smells good, leaves your face smooth. If others use this product please reply with why you do or do not like it!

Brush your teeth exactly as the dentist recommends.

When it comes to smell, a little effort goes a long way my friend. I go from clean shaven to a decent stubble in less than a day.

If that shit gets into any tiny cuts that happen normally when shaving it's gonna hurt a lot. If the razer slides side to side at all you will be cut to ribbons.