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All medical devices must be approved by the Mo HAP Drug Registration and Control Department.Imported medical devices will not be cleared by Customs unless a pre-approval for importation of the consignment is issued by Mo HAP.As one of the most economically developed and diversified markets in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a strong healthcare infrastructure.The creation of a world-class healthcare infrastructure is a top priority for the Government of the UAE and, as a result, the sector has advanced and expanded significantly during the past few years.If the exporter company/manufacturer has no legal presence in the UAE, it will have to appoint a local representative to act on its behalf to register the devices.The local representative must be appointed by written contract stating the appointment of the local authorized representative by the company.

The forecast on spending is to rise to .3 billion (AED 67.2 billion) by 2023, which translates to a local currency and US dollar compound annual growth rate of six percent.

Medical devices can be consumables, diagnostic imaging, dental products, orthopedic & prosthetic products, and patient aids.

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