Dating violence jeopardy game

30-Sep-2019 01:06

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Millions of men, women and children suffer around the world because of domestic violence.But by getting to know this plague of human kind we can help prevent it for the future and make the lives of many people better.The student group and crime watch program presented housewares and personal items collected during a recent drive in the borough for Center for Victims.Norelli said the Glassport Senior Citizens Center, Glassport Development Corp.That's not the case for the song “Tell Me Why” by Taylor Swift, which describes a physically abusive one.

The abuse that can include verbal abuse and is defined as any behavior that threatens or intimidates is called what?“It's impacting South Allegheny in a positive way.” Glassport Crime Watch coordinator Angelo Norelli said the group is reaching beyond the school district and into the community.Expect Respect members attend the anti-crime group's meetings and have been involved with the crime watch on special projects.South Allegheny is one of eight districts that participate.

Counselors from the center visit the high school weekly.

Our domestic violence trivia will ask some tough questions.