Dating with christian values

09-Mar-2020 14:05

“I’m the main face of Christian Crush, and I care about doing it right.” What sets Christian Crush apart from other dating sites is its values-driven approach to the online dating space. Wyatt spends a substantial amount of time ensuring that Christian Crush provides a safe and secure dating environment for Christians everywhere.

The dating site’s first line of defense against spammers and scammers is a lengthy personality assessment.

His background as a clinical psychologist helps him educate and inspire Christian couples of all ages.

Engaged couples and older married couples have benefited from Wyatt’s couples counseling practice in Boulder, Colorado, and his marriage retreats have grown so popular that Wyatt’s looking to expand into surrounding areas, including Texas.

Over the past few years, Christian Crush has hosted several successful marriage retreats in Colorado, and Wyatt said he plans to expand the program beyond his hometown in the coming months.

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He said it’s incredibly satisfying for him to bring couples together and watch them reaffirm their love for one another.

The questionnaire is based on psychology profiling methods, and the site’s algorithm can spot when the respondent has filled in answers at random.

Then Wyatt personally checks each new profile before it becomes visible on the site.

Wyatt feels passionately about underscoring the sanctity of marriage and being a force for good in the world — and he puts his values into action in as many ways as he can.

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For instance, Christian Crush donates 10% of all profits to local ministries and other charitable organizations.“I was raised in a broken home,” he said, “and that experience cultivated in my heart a desire to help people avoid going through that.” He created a dating site and relationship counseling resources to support singles and couples in finding a functional and long-lasting love.