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02-May-2020 04:10

): Believe it or not, the days are getting longer now, the Winter is concluding, and a new year has begun! If you are one of the legion of Vancouver singles saying to yourself: “I have herpes – who would want to go out with me” – please think again!The HSV / genital herpes virus is so common that even mainstream TV is starting to talk about it (sometimes awkward, but it’s bringing the topic ‘out of the closet’ – another article forthcoming! Some singles who are herpes positive even go so far as to judge others who are in the same situation, saying to themselves: “the herpes dating sites must be full of people I really wouldn’t find datable – yuck! In fact, as many readers know, having the virus does not say much about you other than the fact that you have the virus.It is possible to look at the genital herpes as a lesson and yes it can affect the path of one’s life.Depending on how you move forward, you might find yourself thanking the herpes (probably not ‘the infector’) for being your teacher and leading you to the true love of your life.

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Here’s a suggestion – join up at Positive Singles and find your true soul-mate this year! what if you are single and have recently been diagnosed with herpes or are still not reconciled to the diagnosis?

Now the PNE is underway, signalling the peak and the impending wind-down of our most precious month.

How do you feel if you have genital herpes and are keeping it secret inside yourself, watching couples hand-in-hand walking the seawall, enjoying water sports, dining on patios, dressed to the nines to hit the city’s night time hotspots?

Maybe that gave you a bitter laugh and thought to yourself that you would have been perfectly happy to have skipped this lesson in life, but you can consider yourself educated nevertheless – take from it what you will.

Here are some more thoughts for you if you are feeling sorry for yourself (and there is no shame in that!

) and easily find others who have the same condition.

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