Dd wrt no ip not updating

29-Sep-2020 18:04

dd wrt no ip not updating-27

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So yeah, if its not too much of a pain to trace down and fix, it would save me (and others i assume) some headaches :\ Like I stated in the previous post nothing is technically wrong.

If you force your router to pull a new IP address it will update. However, the inadyn interface in DD-WRT is displaying that there are errors.

I checked my username, password and hostname SEVERAL times and they are correct.

I even reconfigured from scratch some of these devices and they still won't work so please investigate this a little deeper because there is a problem.

I do not know what caused this problem in SP1, but in the svn build 10108 it has been alleviated.Check usr,pass,hostname So something has changed between versions or something has changed in the way zoneedit sends its messages back to the client, but either way something IS wrong and needs fixed. I'll leave the ticket open so therecker can check his router farm and update as appropriate.DC So far with build 100108 it is working like a charm.So its either being formatted before its being stored or being formatted before it gets used, either way I can log in with that account via Zone Edit?

's webpage but the router fails continuously using the _exact_same_creds_ (copied and pasted.Forgive me for disagreeing, but there is *something* being filtered.