Deaf ladies dating

29-Oct-2019 04:39

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If the person you’re dating knows sign language very well, then it is also a good idea for you to learn it too.

Even if that person can speak and read lips, sign language is still a good alternate if they are unable to understand you.

However, the better a deaf person gets to know someone, the easier it will be for them to read their lips.

Many people who are hard of hearing will use hearing aids or cochlear implants to help assist with their hearing.

However, everyone should really try to learn at least some basic signs. Try to teach others that are close to you to learn some sign language so that they can converse with your new girlfriend easier.

You should want to make life easier for her, not harder, so the more people that can learn sign language, the better.

It is often easiest for deaf people to date others that are also deaf, but it is possible for a hearing person and a deaf person to get along just fine.

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Many people don’t learn sign language until there is someone close to them that is deaf.

The same goes for you as you are learning to sign because if she signs too fast, it may be harder for you to understand her.