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This exploration will be followed by research looking at typical sexual development, leading to the current study about Deaf women’s views of their own sexuality. Her review highlighted Griffiths proposed model of mythconceptions of the sexuality of disabled individuals, which she then demonstrated to be myths with regards to disabled people in general and Deaf people more specifically.

The myths are: 1) People with developmental disabilities are eternal children and asexual.

Interestingly enough, this work related to Deaf sexual education came from the 1970s, (Fitz-Gerald & Fitz-Gerald, 1976, 1978; Neff, 1979; Robinson, 1979), 80s (Fitz-Gerald & Fitz-Gerald, 1985), and 90s (Glannon, 1998; Joseph, Sawyer, & Desmont, 1995; Swartz, 1993).

Most of this research focused on Deaf sexual education as disseminated by educators and hearing parents.

Keywords: Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Older, Sexual Satisfaction, Well-Being, Sexuality 1.

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Here non-disabled individuals want to protect those with a disability and prevent harm (e.g., HIV, pre-marital sex, and sexual abuse) rather than expressing a concern regarding their sexual expression and enjoyment.

Barnett and colleagues suggested that Deaf people are medically underserved, leading to overall health disparities, which may be part of the explanation for these higher rates of IPV.