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i OS has several options how to correctly run the application in the background. We’ll use the one that your application will use and which we need.

All services we can see in UIBackground Modes array: location – The app provides location-based information to the user and requires the use of the standard location services (as opposed to the significant change location service) to implement this feature. Apps with this key are automatically launched after system boot so that the app can reestablish Vo IP services.

Apps with this key are also allowed to play background audio.

fetch – The app requires new content from the network on a regular basis.

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- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application did Finish Launching With Options:(NSDictionary *)launch Options - (void)application Will Resign Active:(UIApplication *)application //starts when the application switches to the background - (void)application Did Enter Background:(UIApplication *)application //starts automatically with location Manager -(void)location Manager:(CLLocation Manager *)manager did Update To Location:(CLLocation *)new Location from Location:(CLLocation *)old Location //starts when application switches back from background - (void)application Will Enter Foreground:(UIApplication *)application - (void)application Will Terminate:(UIApplication *)application @end This example works so that if you switch the application into the background, starts location updating and when it switches back to the forefront, application stops updating location.

The application runs in the background and during idle stops working.