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Here the elements Figure 1: Elements and attributes in XML Schema namespace are used to write an XML Schema document, which generates elements and attributes as defined by user and puts them in . .) During validation, the Validator verifies that the elements/attributes used in the instance exist in the declared namespace, and also checks for any other constraint on their structure and datatype.

In XML Schema we can choose to specify whether the instance document must qualify all the elements and attributes, or must qualify only the globally declared elements and attributes.

One can choose to use a prefix ABC for the XML Schema namespace, which is legal, but doesn't make much sense.

Using meaningful namespace prefixes add clarity to the XML document.

First, because namespaces—being IRIs—are quite long and thus would hopelessly clutter the XML document.

Second and most important, because it might have a severe impact on the syntax, or to be specific, on the production rules of XML—the reason being that an IRI might have characters that are not allowed in XML tags per the It would be painful to repeatedly qualify an element or attribute you wish to use from a namespace. Remember, at any point in time, there can be only one in existence.

In contrast, when we choose, we are specifying that only the globally declared elements and attributes in the instance must have a namespace, which in turn hides the namespace complexity from the instance.

But in this case, if say, the schema is modified by making some local declarations global and/or making some global declarations local, then all instance documents are affected—and the instance is no longer valid.

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Rather, the namespace is intended to serve as a virtual "container" for vocabulary and un-displayed content that can be shared in the Internet space.

One of the primary motivations for defining an XML namespace is to avoid naming conflicts when using and re-using multiple vocabularies.

XML Schema is used to create a vocabulary for an XML instance, and uses namespaces heavily.

In the following diagrams, the concept symbol space is similar to the non-normative concept of namespace partition.

For example, if a namespace is like a refrigerator, then the symbol spaces are the shelves in the refrigerator.In the Internet space URLs are unique—hence you would usually choose to use URLs to uniquely identify namespaces.