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Local emissions, such as small pipeline leaks, can be identified as small spikes in the data (Figure ).

In the data post-processing, elevated mixing ratios due to local emissions were excluded from the analysis, and we focused on the broad plumes.

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A Google Earth representation of an example of methane mixing ratios (red bars) measured by the GSV car along its pass around the ammonia fertilizer plant located in Fort Dodge, IA.

the ratio between NG emission rate and NG throughput). This study begins to fill an important knowledge gap in quantifying methane emissions along the NG value chain, and demonstrates the capability of mobile sensing for characterizing airborne emissions. According to the Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey (MECS) conducted by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) (), 383 trillion British thermal units (BTU) of NG (approximately 7,700 Gg of NG) was consumed by the U. However, there is less understanding of methane emissions despite the large amount of NG consumption by this industry. Since ammonia fertilizer plants are dispersed all over the U.

ammonia fertilizer industry using a mobile sensing approach. Leakage of NG can happen anywhere along the value chain from production to end-use, reducing its potential short- to medium-term GHG advantage over competing fossil fuels.

Otherwise, the analysis is derived from first-principles (cell dimensions, pressure, temperature, and methane’s per-molar absorptivity) ().

Together, these concentration measures yield methane values that are accurate to better than 60 ppb (Robert Provencal, LGR, personal communication, 04/16/2019), which is relatively small considering that our methane data vary from ~2.0 ppm (ambient level) to ~30 ppm (peak mole fraction).We did not re-calibrate the Los Gatos Research (LGR) fast methane/ethane gas analyzer during deployment.