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29-May-2020 03:03

But that may not be the case: the Earth has benefited from several unusual conditions, like our large Moon, our active geology, the lack of unstable stars nearby, and the helpful gravitational influence, which pulls most potentially dangerous comets and asteroids out of danger.

However, this is another variable which Rich Townsend says is effectively 100%.– Physical Variables for Life – The first set of three functions in the Drake Equation relate to the fundamental physical conditions necessary for life to develop.R* is the number of stars which form in the galaxy per year (some variants of the equation say the total number of stars in the galaxy).In a young galaxy, new star births can number in the thousands per year.

In a middle-aged galaxy like our own, however, the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy says that only about one Sun-like star (not too large or small to support life) is born per year.Everywhere the right set of numbers turns up, intelligent life will emerge.