Droid email not updating

25-Apr-2020 11:23

In my inbox I was having an ongoing odd issue w/ “marked as read” emails repeatedly reappearing as “unread” – and then deleted items started to reappear in the inbox. An issue like this happens if there are sync problems between email servers and receiving devices like your phone. My service provider has reset my phone, but it has not fixed the issue. The problem is probably isolated to the app you are using so try to reconfigure your email on it then use another email app if it doesn’t work. recently experience what they call sudden death, so being only 16 months old I have got the mother board and battery replaced which means I have got the new Lollipop on it I did not have before.Then last night dozens of old emails started appearing in the inbox at once; each time I deleted the old items, more showed up. Now, after turning on the phone this a.m., I have not received any new emails on my phone since turning off the phone last night. I have tried turning the phone off and on; restarting it; turning “Sync” off and on; turning Sync to Manual; turning Wi-Fi off and on…. In checking various forums on S4 email problems, one of the solutions has mentioned going to Settings, Data usage, Menu… Has anyone else ever reported this kind of problem? What you can do here is simply reconfigure your email to your email app and everything should be back to normal. If you are using popular emails like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, try using their own app instead. Of course I had to go through again all my nice personalized settings to have it the way I use to, including reinstalling everything and setting up all the accounts.

I have the sync setting set to download whenever there is new email.

When I go to the email app, I get a white screen and the app closes off by itself.

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