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They seldom rely on other people in daily life, which can make them impatient when dealing with others. Continue to the next page to see Anna Kournikova’s dating history, past relationships and full bio.How can you have a 16-year relationship in Hollywood and keep it under the radar?At the peak of her fame, fans looking for images of Kournikova made her name one of the most common search strings on Google Search. According to Chinese Zodiac, Anna was born in the Year of the Rooster while her husband in the Year of the Rabbit.

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Really just enjoying the day and relaxing and watching Although they might be able to avoid the media during their day-to-day life, they eventually will do interviews, and even then, these two are pros at not addressing their private life. Sometimes, Enrique would purposely mislead the public and say that they weren't together, he admitted to playing the press in an interview in 2012. "Well the marriage bug to me, I don't think it would make me any happier. Yes, kids at some point, I would," Enrique explained.Iglesias or Kournikova have not released statements confirming the news, and on Iglesias's Twitter account it's business as usual as he continues to promote his world tour.