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In contrast to the ENTP, who exhibits a preponderance of mental energy, the ESTP exudes great physical energy.

ENTPs use Ne to explore new ideas or hypotheticals.

ESTPs typically display conventional, even stylish, forms of dress.

While their Ti is concerned with functionality and practicality, their Extraverted Sensing (Se) and Fe functions are attuned to the trendy and popular; social status is often a high priority for ESTPs.

Thus, ESTPs first instinct is to express themselves via action rather than words.

Because of their preference for hands-on activities, ESTPs may underperform in academic settings.

This may not be due to a lack of ability per se, but to a lack of Se stimulation.

As is true for all SPs, the most concrete of all the personality types, being forced to deal in abstractions for too long can be draining for ESTPs.

Despite their status as Extraverts, they often prefer “doing” more than talking.

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While they may be chatty at times, neither Se nor Ti is a highly verbal function.

ESTP males are thought to outnumber females at a clip of two to one.