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19-Jan-2020 05:03

In that case, you might encounter a pop-up message stating: “Several technical instances can trigger the sudden breakdown of the Firefox application.An obsolete version of the browser, faulty add-ons, malicious files, hardware faults, etc., could be some of the error factors.By disabling the silent updates Firefox will still be able to update itself, but you will now be prompted with a UAC dialog so that you are aware that an update is occurring.You can disable silent updates using two methods, which are described below.The browser developers generally avoid the use of the Flash plug-in because of the possibility of the sudden browser crash.

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And I did get the update that I'm assuming corrected it. Ever since then, Firefox has been lagging, hanging, freezing, crashing, and it did something REALLY weird with You Tube and switching to another tab. To learn how to check your Firefox version, please see: Find browser version To find out what Real Player version you have, check out: How can I tell what version of Real Times (Real Player) I have on my PC? If you are receiving an error message, please send us a screen shot - here's how: Sending a screen shot to Technical Support (Windows) Hi Sarah, We need to find out if the freezing is a Firefox issue by itself or it is cased by Real Player.In the Firefox updates: section, select Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them.Then uncheck the checkbox labeled Use a background service to install updates.When you are done, your Update options should look the same as the image below.

It is also possible to disable silent updates by simply uninstalling the Mozilla Maintenance Service.

Though, the Mozilla Maintenance Service is currently only installing updates, Mozilla has stated that it may include other command line arguments for this service that could clear the Windows prefetch, defrag a user's profile, and perform other actions that are not yet discussed.

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