Framemaker table of contents not updating

27-Aug-2020 12:45

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In my case, the designer wanted to add titles in a higher position of the document than normal margins would allow, but also wanted to avoid placing the text into a header to be repeated on multiple pages.

Now for the solution…Clicking on our PDF Table of Contents items (which come from the text in our text boxes) currently give us this error message: Look familiar? The link is an absolute path even though the location is within the same file.

Each entry comes from a heading within your document, whether that’s a report, a white paper, a dissertation, or something else.

It’s the “snapshot” of your document’s body.) We’ll be working with MS Word’s built-in styles and using the term quite a bit, so if you need a refresher before we begin, have a look at our MS Word styles tutorial first.So now you know how to insert, format, and update a table of contents in Word. It’s the software we use in most of our document formatting work. Check out this table of contents to see how entries for sections and subsections can appear.Last, download our editing checklist to help you create better digital content.Bookmark this page so you can come back to it later. Once you learn how to insert a table of contents in Word, you never forget.

(It’s sort of like riding a bike, but without the scraped knees.) A table of contents (TOC) is made up of entries.Learning to create, format, or update a table of contents in Word isn’t hard.

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