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21-Jan-2020 08:03

She's done succumbing to stereotypes, which makes her one of Bustle's 2018 Rule Breakers.

Raisa talked to Bustle about shattering norms, standing up for herself, and creating her own definition of success.

When it comes to breaking rules, Francia Raísa knows a thing or two.

Sure, as we begin our phone conversation, she's a little iffy on how she'd define the term "rule breaker," but as we dive deeper, it's clear she's been challenging the status quo every step of her career.

There [are] three things you don't talk about, I learned growing up: politics, religion, and money. "What I'm doing, especially with a lot of newer actors who get opportunities on like Jordan [Buhat], who plays Vivek — I pulled him aside one day.

I was like, "Hey, I made a lot of mistakes and I didn't have the right guidance.

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Looking back, the 30-year-old remembers when she adapted to others' expectations because she so desperately wanted to "make it" in the entertainment industry.

I went against what people told me I couldn't do anymore. I think slowly people are making decisions and changes standing up for equal rights, but that's definitely a rule that should be broken. I didn't even realize it until people started speaking about it. It was when Instagram was still fairly new and I booked a movie. They were like, "You know, he's done a feature film that was in theaters" and all these stupid excuses. And now I'm thinking back, and it's because he was a guy.

I wanted to be part of it so bad, I went for it anyway. It ended up not filming and I won't say any names, but I had way more followers than the male lead. And I was like, but if we go off followers, you could say that I'm more popular than him. And I didn't even realize how much of a problem that was.

JP: What would you say is one unspoken rule in Hollywood that you’re dying to break or that you think should be retired? I'm pretty sure that's happened way more to me and I didn't even know it.

FR: Like, people getting paid what they should be getting paid? JP: Is that something now that you try to be more mindful of when taking on roles? FR: I'm definitely speaking up a lot more, for sure. But money's still the thing that's like, "Ah, are we tapping that territory?

What you want and what you need is what makes you, .