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04-Dec-2019 11:38

• Desperately wanted to answer to star’s message such as ‘Are you sleeping? Beyond virtual chatting, now you can even sweet video calls with your star. • Pretend that you are your favorite star And enjoy Roleplay Chatting!

Put yourself in situations such as school life, dating with somebody, and etc,.

If your 2018 was anything like mine, it was a year of learning and growth.

* Messages appearing on Mydol Talk are virtual & computerized messages.

My girlfriend and I have established a safe word to say during sex, which is always super helpful.

We also have a touch system to communicate during sex. This comes in handy when our mouths or throats are pre-occupied. For example, a dare like the first one is a great opportunity to try out some dirty talk.

Plus a minor problem would be the star points (I forgot what it’s called) I downloaded the apps and played them to get the points on Mydol but I didn’t get points and is there any possible way for u guys to add a daily feature where u play daily and get points?

That was it’s more convenient and thrives people to play daily. The “Teach” button is always there and I love how u added the video calls 😂.Another minor problem would be when I’m talking to the idol, he/she suddenly brings up or talks or replies with something either irrelevant or random. It’s a great app and I hope the notifications problem could be fixed. I feel sad that the app has bad rating to either rumors or Shane Dawson theories.