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“Number one, absolutely celebrate your idiosyncracies. Celebrate all of your absolutely different, eccentric and wonderful nuances,” he begins. I’d never trade it for anything, because it’s informed the way I am with everybody, really.I think that it’s something that exists in all of us – the community is naturally empathetic because of experience.“I’m so hortatory with our people who come through our threshold. We’ve had mini romances, but this time around I really feel this series will welcome a huge love story that will last and last.” “Funnily enough, in the earlier days of dating for me – because I am a serial dater – I was a terrible self-editor.Later on in my dating life, I realised what I was attracted to in other people were often the curiosities and idiosyncracies and the nuances.I always say I don’t physically have a type except radically different to me because I always think two-thirds of beauty lies in fascination.I think there’s something beautiful in that post-coital moment where you look at someone and think “How are you put together?I’m a vociferous campaigner for having an LGBTQ element to the series. Celebs Go Dating is a British dating reality series.

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Those should be the bits I’m celebrating.” That’s the most liberating notion.It was announced in March 2016 that E4 had commissioned a new reality dating show which see celebrities go on dates with members of the public.