Gay dating younger for older

07-Mar-2020 02:12

He speaks for many Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers in real life, but I don’t think gay twentysomethings deserve the bum rap. The younger guys I date never call me “daddy,” and they don’t mention the age difference nearly as much as my peers and I do. Some are well aware of the significance of Stonewall, the difficulties their LGBTQ predecessors faced, and how their roads are paved because ours weren’t.Here are 10 reasons why I respect them as much as I do gays of my own generation. If Pride celebrations are often too short on gravitas, they’ve been that way since before many millennials were even born. They’re fluent in pop culture from before their time.

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Pouty presents more dramatic possibilities than party, but what a dreary bunch.

Gay twentysomethings have their own iconic pop divas (Britney, Beyoncé, and Gaga), but aside from the holy trinity, there’s one mainstay I’m always coming across in their Spotify libraries: David Bowie at his ’70s peak. I don’t say this just because they’re so good at helping me pair my Bluetooth devices. Long phone chats might be a thing of the dating past, but some of the most scintillating discourses I’ve been lucky enough to have in recent years have happened while I was sitting across a table from a gay millennial or under the covers with one.