Gemini woman dating a pisces man dating within zip code 18062

13-May-2020 12:50

Neither the Gemini man nor the Pisces woman wants to hurt the other, so this relationship lacks the drama and tempestuousness which keeps some other air/water partnerships together.

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If they say their goodbyes early enough, no lasting damage is done.It’s this difference in emotional levels which is at the root of the problem, however.The Pisces woman feels every so deeply; she is such a sensitive soul that the slightest thing can transport her to heaven or hell and back again.The Gemini man must try to get in touch with his deeper feelings and the Pisces woman must try to calm down her sensitivities a little.

If they can do this, they can create magic together.Gemini man Pisces woman compatibility is ever fragile, and only ever as strong as the ever changing levels of trust the Pisces woman feels.