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So one day Sulaiman visited Abu al Dardaa at his home and saw his wife and she was upset so he asked her “what’s wrong?” and she replied “your brother Abu al Dardaa does not have any need for this world” (al Bukhari).Sheikh al Shabramalsi al Shafi’i opined in his commentary on (Nihayat al Muhataj) that the prohibited private seclusion only occurs when the meeting of the two sexes is accompanied by a strong potential of temptation but if usually there is no room for temptation, seclusion is not prohibited.Also the Prophet’s wives used to teach male companions about juristic issues and convey God’s religion and the Islamic rulings on different issues.

We offer you a possibility of random chat with strangers, as long as you are over 18 years old.Al Hafiz ibn Hajar in his book (Fath al Bari) said that conversing with non mahram women secretly does not cause questioning one’s religiosity should there be no temptation.