Goldwing navigation map updating

17-Sep-2020 11:59

Update Your Maps Keep your navigation system current by updating your maps and navigation software.

The map update comes on a preprogrammed 2 gigabyte (GB) Compact Flash (CF) card for model years 2006-2008.

Most map updates are distributed via physical media such as DVDs, SD cards, and USB sticks.

The specific media for your vehicle's navigation system will be listed on the map update product page.

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wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Many Honda vehicles comes with the Honda Navigation System built-in to the dashboard.

You may opt out of any further communication by contacting us here. I bought an update before our road trip to Florida for the holidays. It also helped us get back on track after exploring a bit and getting lost.

This article shows you how to update the maps on a standard Honda Navigation System.Order Now You can purchase your Honda Gold Wing Navi Update Card from this web page or by calling 1-866-477-2489. I love being able to track my running, and heart rate and calories while working out.