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18-Sep-2020 08:15

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Forget waiting around for someone to notice your profile — with apps like Grindr or Tinder, you could find a connection close to you, almost instantly.

The online dating industry now brings in over billion in yearly revenue, but it’s unclear how much of that money is coming from dating apps in particular. We’ll dive into details later, but first a few standout overall trends.

So, it’s not a shock that everyone is asking the same question: What do Millennials want from a dating app, maybe it’s the same things they want from apps that pay? As far as dating apps go, concerns might have been overstated: That’s almost four times as many as who indicated they used it for hookups, and more than twice as many who said they were looking for casual dating. The GPS-based app, which pioneered double-matching and “swiping left,” was the the most popular app by far, used by 84% of the college students we surveyed.

In attempt to answer these questions, we surveyed almost 4,000 current college students around the country. That’s about five times the percentage of the second-most popular app, female-friendly Bumble, which only allows women to initiate a conversation.

Interest in online dating has skyrocketed in recent years, especially among younger Millennials.It makes sense, then, that Tinder would want to focus on the college campus.The service works by prioritizing the profiles of your fellow students first; you can also be matched with students at other schools.You must have a email address from an accredited university and be located on campus when you sign up for Tinder.

Once you restart the Tinder app, you'll be logged into Tinder U automatically according to According to a press release, over half of the dating service's users are between the ages of 18 and 24.If you're interested in using Tinder U, it is rolling out now on i OS devices.