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Apostle Paul’s response would have been that participating in these temple feasts is to participate in a religious and spiritual activity that had great significance to pagans, to those who actually believed in these idols.But for the Corinthians to participate in these temple feasts, they aren’t differentiating themselves in any way as Christians, and they are, in a sense, endorsing the worship of idols.Food eaten at these temple feasts had religious significance because the people saw it as offered to an idol and the idol entering the sacrifice, as opposed to the situation described in verse 27, where an unbeliever might be serving meat that was sacrificed to an idol, but they are not approaching the meal with that same religious perspective as the temple feasts.Apostle Paul discusses these different social settings but the same principle applies of considering the context and considering the faith/conscience of fellow believers who might be stumbled by the actions we take.More, it was often held that, after the meat had been sacrificed, the god himself was in it and that at the banquet he entered into the very bodies and spirits of those who ate.

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They also might have justified it by saying they didn’t believe in idols, and they weren’t sacrificing to idols, so it didn’t have any significance for them if the meat was sacrificed to idols and they can just ignore what their hosts or the other guests thought about the meat and the idols.

They are participating in activities they most likely participated in before they became Christian, when it probably did have significance to them before even if it doesn’t have significance for them any more.

Examples of modern-day Christians partaking in “the table of the Lord and the table of demons” is to claim to be Christian and to have Christ as Lord in our lives, but to pursue money or career or pleasure in the same way that the world does–to look to money or career for significance, to look to pleasure as the main goal in life.

Andy Lee's affair is mentioned, along with many other incidents.

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Ed Kang says he tried his best to give her feedback but that she rationalized her behaviors and never repented. In The Letter, he states his intention to vacate the Alcatraz building as soon as possible but to stay in the area and "minister to those who will follow my leadership apart from BBC." Most readers will know that Berkland Baptist Church split after this.

This shows the type of control that the culture and leaders had over the congregation.

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