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12-May-2020 04:31

Interesting finding I thought I should mention to the group, while the action feels much smoother and the cocking action is lighter my trigger pull gauge indicates 5lbs 10oz vs my original 5lbs 7oz.It seems by disassembling and reassembling I've gone up a bit.This project was not easy because I took the trigger group completely apart, as well as the hammer.Replacing the hammer spring was easy enough by using both of my hands for compressing it while my wife stuck a small size hex wrench into the hole.There will be the occasional 'tough' primer, too, probably just as the buck of a lifetime walks by.

Sensible food for thought I wanted to pass forth to our group....On the reloading subject, what's the best on-line place to order 240gr JHP bullets for this mag? I took advantage of his abilities and he made me a huge amount of bullets, which I still have not exhausted.