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Girls should not be encouraged to light and light candles either 18 minutes before sunset or have a flame burning from before sunset and light candles from that flame once the festival has begun (but she may not light from a new flame or a match).If you will be eating away from home, do not light the candles at home unless you will be home for some period of time after dark (in which case you must see the candles burning for at least one minute after dark/If the device catches on fire, you may call the fire department or unplug it.Don't dispose of a Fermented grains represent (among other things) arrogance and pride: the puffing up of fermented grains is symbolic of people puffing up themselves.In Judaism, one way to get rid of a bad personal trait is to utterly destroy it and so we symbolically remove and destroy any fermented grain foods from our houses and ownership.if not shaving might cause you to lose your job or otherwise incur financial loss.A large financial loss is subjective to the individual's actual wealth and also to that person's perception of what is a large loss.

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Weaker oven cleaners that do not remove deposits may not be relied on. Acknowledging God's Miracles We acknowledge God's miracles in sending the plagues against the Egyptians and their gods and in taking the Children of Israel out of slavery and Egypt.When many Jews were feeling wealthy due to their produce, we were commanded to live in temporary shelters--in part, to ward off feelings of arrogance or pride in what we had accomplished in the material world.