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The form of Hinduism that emerged focused on private meditation as opposed to external rituals. Brahman is an impersonal essence that is the basis of all existence.

Hindu thinkers of the time began to understand Brahman as "nirguna," which means “without attributes or qualities.” After the writing of the Upanishads, the Hindu conception of Brahman continued to develop.

In addition to the Trimurti and ten primary avatars of Vishnu, there are approximately 330 million other gods in Hinduism.

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While the Smriti scriptures are technically not as authoritative as the Shruti scriptures, they have exerted a much stronger influence on the culture of India through their popularity.

Writers increasingly presented Brahman as something more like a personal god.

Nirguna Brahman became Saguna Brahman, or Brahman “with attributes.” This personified form of Brahman is also called Ishvara.

Hinduism is by far the predominant faith in India, where 82% of the population is Hindu.

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Hindus also make up notable percentages of the populations of other countries,1 such as: Hinduism's influence exceeds well beyond 13% of the world's population due to its significance in the development of other religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, the New Age movement, and various other spiritual and philosophical movements in both the East and the West. It began as a polytheistic and ritualistic family of religions with various sacred rites performed by the heads of particular households or tribes.Such men and women practice the rituals, traditions, and customs of Hinduism with emphasis on local and household deities.