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Hinduism is by far the predominant faith in India, where 82% of the population is Hindu.Hindus also make up notable percentages of the populations of other countries,1 such as: Hinduism's influence exceeds well beyond 13% of the world's population due to its significance in the development of other religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, the New Age movement, and various other spiritual and philosophical movements in both the East and the West. It began as a polytheistic and ritualistic family of religions with various sacred rites performed by the heads of particular households or tribes.

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The Earliest Hindu Scriptures are the Vedas which probably began developing around 1500 B. Each Veda divides into four parts: Mantras (the verses or hymns sung during the rituals), Brahmanas (explanations of the verses), Aran-yakas (reflections on the meaning of the verses), and the Upanishads (mystical interpretations of the verses).2 This is also known as Shruti, or “that which is heard.” Shruti literature is the Hindu equivalent to revealed Scripture.3In addition to these primary writings, there are secondary writings known as Smriti, or “remembered.” The Smriti writings include the Ramayana (“Rama’s way”) and Mahabharata (“the great story”) epics.

Writers increasingly presented Brahman as something more like a personal god.

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