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And the vast majority of things that grow on dry land will float to some capacity.This is not a modern-day fact proven through independent test labs, it’s a simple observation, and one that was certainly not lost on the early peoples of the world, who by their very nature were profoundly aware of their natural environment.I think you and I could row for about 1400 miles (in a dory I mean, not on a log) with land insight the entire distance and not have more than a 12 mile crossing between islands.One million years ago, according to models of tectonic plates, water level maps, and volcanic activity, the Archipelago was tighter knit than it is now and ocean current might carry us through Indonesia all the way to New Guinea if we jumped on a log in Singapore and lilly dipped a moose antler now and then.All of these representations of oars in boats, interestingly enough, are about four to five thousand years old. There is evidence which suggests seafaring Neanderthals in the Mediterranean Sea as far back as 110 thousand years and yet others have suggested that hominids have been sailing for as long as a million years; stone tools found on the Indonesian island of Flores date back that far.One of the most fantastical and best preserved nautical artifacts the world has possibly ever housed under skylights and computerized humidity control, is the Cheops Ship, a full size 143’ long ‘Solar Barque’ unearthed at the great pyramid at Giza in 1954. Why sailing is suggested I’m not sure, since the distances needed to get there from the mainland seem to be easily paddled or rowed on a half decent log with sea levels of present day’s geography.lthough it is not true that babies are natural swimmers, there is a reflex called the Bradycardic Response which makes babies hold their breath and open their eyes when submerged in water.Also, until around 6 months, babies placed in water tummy down reflexively paddle their arms and legs, which makes them look like natural swimmers. Now, imagine placing a baby sized surfboard or better yet, a miniature dugout canoe, under this swimming baby and you’ll have a natural born paddler.

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Korea made of pine, and one 2 ft long ‘oar’ was found in Japan in 1999.

It was left somewhere in Ishikawa Prefecture, 6,000 years ago and is made of wood from a nutmeg tree.